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  • Lemon: Female DOB: 29/10/2020

    Lemon is a pied lutino cockatiel with grey pattern on the right wing.

    Lemon is naughty and lively. She cant leave people even for one moment. She is unable to stay in the cage for too long.

  • Ana: Female DOB 27/09/2020

    Ana is a grey pearl cockatiel and she was bald as she was abused by her parents before she s 3 weeks old.

    She's timid and can be easily scared. She's still unable to fly.

  • Quishna: Male DOB 07/12/2020

    Quishna is a pied lutino with grey pattern on the left wing.

    Quishna is the youngest one among the 3. He is smart and proud and never allow people to touch.